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@Kuntze8 VIP

Jesus, 150k people already without power on Florida due to #HurricaneMichael


The #HurricaneMichael coverage is fucking harrowing. It hasn't even made landfall yet.


Ein Hurricane mit meinem Namen. Hoffentlich wird der nicht der Schlimmste aller Zeiten! #HurricaneMichael

@Kaufhold492 VIP #flwx

#flwx #HurricaneMichael tornado warning for Bradford and clay county, fl until 3:15

XM 20:48
@josephinamaxie5 VIP #FSU

So #FSU gets beat by the Hurricanes. And then an actual #HurricaneMichael comes along. God does not like Tallahassee this year.

XM 21:16
@haugadriane3 VIP #TyndallAFB

To my Air Force family at #TyndallAFB and a little farther out at Eglin AFB, please stay safe. #HurricaneMichael

XM 21:16

It's 630 and raining... I wanna stay in bed all day. #HurricaneMichael #TropicalStormMichael #tistheseason


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